"We had an extra day in the studio, and we didn't know what to do. We were sitting around, and our drummer Garrett [Ziff] said, 'Why not just record 'Slave to the Grind?'" Age of Evil singer and guitarist Jeremy Goldberg explained to Noisecreep about the decision to record the Skid Row classic. "As soon as Garrett said that, we immediately knew that would be cool. So I took out my iPhone and I had the song on there, so we kind of learned it like that, on the spot! Then we recorded it that same day."

Age of Evil just released the six-song EP 'Get Dead.' That EP features not only 'Slave to the Grind,' but also 'Electric Eye' as made famous by Judas Priest. The EP also features two live tracks and two new studio songs. Still, the idea of cover songs appealed to Age of Evil. In fact, the idea was born on the road.

"We were playing in London a year ago with Girlschool," adds Goldberg. "We knew the fans there would enjoy our songs, our originals, but we also wanted to play them a cover song that they would know and appreciate. We thought, 'We're in London, why not play a Priest song?' We knew with our tone and our vibe, recording the song would be really cool."

For all their planning and practicing, the guys in Age of Evil prefer a raw live sound. And the same goes for recorded tracks. In short, the less fancy production tricks, the better, even with cover songs.

"We did only a few takes on 'Slave to the Grind.' It was all about energy and rawness, and it turned out really bad-ass," Goldberg said.

Age of Evil plan to hit the road in 2010.