"The metal today, some bands are doing it well," Age of Evil frontman Jeremy Goldberg said to Noiscreep. "Some of it is cookie monster and stuff like that. I think, for us, it's important for us to stay away from that and stay true to the roots."

While Age of Evil just released a new six-song EP called 'Get Dead,' the band is really looking ahead to the future. That naturally means a big tour and full-length album. True to form, the four members that comprise Age of Evil are Iron Maiden-loving metalheads. Listen to any Age of Evil song, and that's apparent in about 30 seconds. Goldberg explains that it's a conscience decision on the band's part to stay true to straight metal and not get sucked into modern trends.

"[Guitarist Jordan Ziff] isn't up to date on bands now. He listens to '60s, '70s, '80s, and maybe some early '90s and classical music. He doesn't let 'today' get in the way of what he sounds like or what he wants to do. I think that's an advantage."

Goldberg is quick to add the band doesn't like fancy production, just staying with the old standards: Gibson Les Paul guitars and Marshall amps. The band as a whole doesn't like using pedals or production layers, either. "Right now, we're writing the next album. It's a little more hard rock, a little more to the root; it's definitely not getting heavier. I mean, we write music and whatever comes out. I don't think you need an overproduced song to be a big band, a popular band. I think we'll do whatever we want. We only write music we would enjoy listening to."

Look for Age of Evil to make a big tour announcement sometime during 2010.