What does a literal band of teenage brothers know about metal? Turns out, a hell of a lot. Age of Evil, the Arizona quartet comprised of two sets of brothers, are a hard-working, polite group of young lads who just happen to want to change modern metal. Even though they are quite young, the band members know that a celebrity cameo could lend them some street cred.

"When we were doing our first album 'Living a Sick Dream' ... our producer had worked with [Marty Friedman] earlier in Marty's career," Age of Evil singer and guitarist Jeremy Goldberg explains to Noisecreep. "And so he thought it would be cool if Marty would check out the song and see if he wanted to play on it. So Marty really dug the song and said some really cool stuff about us and played on it, and it was very kick ass."

The song Goldberg mentions is the albums title track, 'Living a Sick Dream.' Friedman, as you'll recall, was a member of Megadeth for about 10 years. He was also a member of Cacophony with Jason Becker. For the Age of Evil guys, Cacophony was huge. "[Friedman] was an influence of ours when we were really young, maybe 13 years old. Him and Jason Becker. For Marty to be playing on our first album was so inspiring," Goldberg said.

For now, Age of Evil are promoting a new EP called 'Get Dead.' The EP features two original songs, two covers and two live tracks. 'Get Dead' is available via Evil Eye Entertainment and iTunes.