It appears as if the official Aerosmith website ( has been hacked. A strange image (posted below) is the only thing you can see on the site for the past several hours now and we are not quite sure what to make of it. The image appears to be a set of yellow crossed arms, or perhaps even a pair of yellow microphones against a black background.

Noisecreep reached out to band publicists to see what was going on, if it was part of a campaign for the upcoming album Music From Another Dimension! which comes out on Nov. 6, or if maybe the site had been hacked or compromised. They were not sure what was happening either and at this point it does not seem directly connected to anything specific so we will follow and provide more details as they become available. Aerosmith's official Facebook page seems unaffected at this time and nobody from the group has Tweeted anything about it yet.

Here is the image that appears on the Aerosmith website:

Last week, Aerosmith premiered their new video for "What Could Have Been Love" and the Boston rock legends are preparing to continue to tour on the heels of the new album release. As well, a war of words has erupted between Steven Tyler and members of KISS in regards to disparaging comments the singer made about the group in a recent radio interview.

Watch 'What Could Have Been Love' Video

Aerosmith's 15th studio album, Music From Another Dimension!, will hit stores on Nov. 6 via Columbia Records. Pre-order the album on iTunes today!