According to a new memoir by guitarist Ace Frehley, one of KISS' great rallying calls, "You wanted the best, you got the best!" hasn't always applied to Gene Simmons' sexual pursuits.

In 'No Regrets,' a 288-page tell-all tome that hits shelves tomorrow, Frehley calls Simmons a "sex addict," writing that the singer, bassist and shameless merchandiser would "f--- almost anything. Short, tall; plump, svelte; attractive, merely tolerable."

Frehley founded KISS alongside Simmons (now married to actress Shannon Tweed) and frontman Paul Stanley in 1972. He remained with the cartoonish hard-rock outfit for a decade, leaving in 1982 to pursue a solo career. The Spaceman then returned for a 1996 reunion before departing for a second time in 2002.

No stranger to addiction -- the book details his battles with cocaine -- Frehley speculates that Simmons' unquenchable appetite for flesh had to do with his pre-fame sexual prowess, or lack thereof.

"You go from getting laid once or twice a year to getting laid a hundred times by a hundred different women," Frehley writes. "We all have our issues and vices, and I saw Gene's behavior affect him and the band sometimes in a negative way."

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