There are some things that make such an awesome amount of sense that the mind boggles at why nobody had thought to do them before. Combining AC/DC and Star Wars is most certainly one such thing. As UltimateClassicRock points out, somebody has gone and done exactly that.

One genius YouTuber spliced together a 5-minute synopsis of the first Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) and set it to 'Thunderstruck,' one of the legendary Australian rock band's late-career hits. From the beginning, as the opening riff boils up beneath the title card that famously reads, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." it is evident that it will be a wild ride.

AC/DC is perfectly suited for such images as Darth Vader's stone-cold entrances, light-saber battles, Storm Troopers fumbling about, the Death Star blowing things up and the Death Star being blown up itself. Also, perhaps not too shockingly, the sounds of laser guns firing fits seamlessly into the heavy riffage of AC/DC -- those dudes should really consider incorporating that into their music.

Next, will somebody please do Led Zeppelin and Lord of The Rings?

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