A Plea for Purging's latest, 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,' has a release date. The new album, which is the band's third, will hit shelves on July 6, via longtime label Facedown Records. You can follow the band's 'lack' of progress on their YouTube channel.

Vocalist Andy Atkins checked in with Noisecreep about the recording process at Foundation Studios, telling us how the band kills the down time that inevitably occurs during the tracking. "Since Conersville, Indiana doesn't have a flourishing nightlife or even a blossoming food industry, we are stuck in the house for just about 24 hours of the day, every day of the week," Atkins told Noisecreep. "We have been watching a lot of Hulu. Their selection of documentaries and 'The Office' episodes are grand."

Food is playing a large part of the process, too. Atkins said, "[Guitarist] Blake [Martin] and I have been trying our hands at the culinary arts. We are both pretty good at making chicken dishes! I don't think anything's been done on the record yet, but we are eating good!" Now we know what he meant by lack of progress. But you can't work on an empty stomach, so it's best to let the boys eat.

Joey Sturgis returns for another round of producing for APFP.