It's been three and a half years since Cave In were a functioning band, yet it feels like it's been 10 years for the die-hard fans who have been dreaming of the announcement that took place back in April: Cave In are back to playing, writing, recording and playing on-stage again. During this span, most just took a deep breath of sadness and assumed the band had broken up, with former members doing solo projects with bands like Doomriders, Zozobra, Clouds and Old Man Gloom. It seemed like the band were done for good. But the day has come; in fact, this Sunday Cave In will be taking the stage to a sold out show in their hometown of Boston, Mass.

Despite what everyone has been thinking and believing, the band says that it just took a little break. The hiatus came to an end due to the location of members making sense again. "Three out of the four of us have been living in Massachusetts the past few years, and when Caleb (Scofield, vocalist/bassist) moved back from California, he basically called everybody and tried to see what everyone's schedule looked like," singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky told Noisecreep. "We just pinned down a day to do it and that was pretty much it."

"I kind of just rolled with whatever situation I was given," is how Stephen described the actual hiatus happening in the first place. "I knew it wasn't going to be a satisfying thing to operate Cave In with everybody living in different parts of the world. I think everyone would kind of agree that we sort of went about doing the band in a way that sort of ruled our lives for quite a number of years. I think that once that wasn't the case anymore, everybody could focus on different parts of their lives."

Most bands have some kind of grand meeting when getting back together, but not Cave In. There has been no drama for the band to sort out, and for that Stephen apologetically says, "I wish I had more juicy details to give you, but there really aren't any. Once we found a day that agreed with everyone's schedule it was pretty easy just showing up... playing the same amps and guitars that we have been playing with for the past ten or fifteen years all with the same people we have been playing with for just as long." Stephen paused and let out a wavy laugh, "Yeah, kind of boring actually."

In the time away, Stephen has been exploring softer sounds compared to the noisy nature of Cave In. Getting back to the metal side of music has been a task for him. "It hasn't been easy on my wrist, but I'm working at it," Stephen joked before explaining the first practices with the band. "So it was kind of this weird trip almost getting back into that set of skin in a try and feel the parts's this weird sense of déjà vu learning old songs we haven't played in a while. It kind of triggers this weird muscle memory. It definitely brings you back."