A Day to RememberGino DePinto, AOL

With A Day to Remember, things are cyclical. They go on tour and get homesick. They come home from tour and get toursick. Then the cycle repeats as they continue to rise to the top of the hard rock crop. Singer Jeremy McKinnon and bassist Josh Woodard admitted at the 18:26 mark of their ''Creep Show' episode that they'll be on tour for a while. For life, in fact.

ADTR are ripping apart venues this fall with Underoath in tow. McKinnon and Woodard discuss their love for the fellow Floridians, with McKinnon recalling the first time he saw the band at age 16 -- when Underoath were playing at a church. "They were a metal band and they wore face paint then, and I was changed forever," the singer admitted.

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They also revealed that Thanksgiving will be spent at Cracker Barrel this year, admitting the roadside restaurant chain is "Southern, so it makes us feel at home."

So what does a band on tour for life require in order to survive -- besides a laptop, iPod or Blackberry? McKinnon and Woodard talk about tour essentials, which include wet wipes and guitars.

A Day to Remember's new album, 'What Separates Me From You,' is out now.