"The DVD is kinda part history review of the band's fifteen years together and part live show," 36 Crazyfists vocalist Brock Lindow told Noisecreep about the band's first DVD effort for Ferret, due out later this year. "We got some pretty cool, hilarious video footage of the early years, as well as the currents." The DVD is titled 'Underneath a Northern Sky' and features a show that was recorded in the band's native, beloved Alaska.

So many mainland Americans think of Sarah Palin when they think of Alaska, so Lindow was happy to share his favorite things about the state, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with the former governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee.

"My favorite things about Alaska would be the nature, the fishing and the people," the singer said. He still resides in the state and said, "I am never leaving again. I moved home four years ago." Lindow also shot down the commonly held perception that Alaska is in a constant, iced-over state. "Our summers are hard to beat, with nearly 24 hours of daylight and the world's richest salmon rivers the world. It's unbelievably better than everywhere else," he said emphatically.

The music scene in Alaska isn't as tiny as one might think, either. "The scene is killer," Lindow revealed. "There are tons of young bands, as well as established ones. We aren't the only ones anymore, with bands like Portugal the Man, who just played Lollapalooza. It's such an artistic melting pot with so many influences, due to the landscapes."

If Lindow ever decides to hang up his microphone, he could serve as a travel ambassador for his native region.