3 Doors Down, who have sold a lot of records in their career, are crawling back into the mainstream consciousness with a brand new single, 'When You're Young,' which is available via iTunes. The song -- a mellow and slightly melancholy ballad with one hell of a hook -- is the very first single from the American rock band's forthcoming new album, 'Time of My Life,' which is their fifth effort.

It's due out this spring on Universal. 'Time of My Life' was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Howard Benson, who has worked with everyone from Creed to Three Days Grace.

Frontman Brad Arnold, whose distinct vocals power the song, describes 'When You're Young' as "almost a mockery of how easy people think it is to be young. Young people always hear, 'This is the greatest time of your life.' But it's not always that way, y'know?"

Noisecreep couldn't agree more. When you are young, you live at home with your parents, you don't have any money, you deal with your body changing and trying to get the opposite sex to like you, and you have to follow everyone else's rules.

The song's chorus -- where Arnold sings "trapped inside a place that they won't take you, they want you to be what they make you, it's already over and done, when you're young" -- will embed itself in your skull from the moment you hear it.