Last week in the metal realm, things were booming! From the 50,000 diehard Juggalos who came out to purchase Insane Clown Posse's latest to the 45,000 fans who snatched up the hard rock melodies fashioned by Chevelle on their latest, 'Sci Fi Crimes,' it's clear that the genre and its fans are continuing to making a profound impact on the charts. All these stats were previously reported by the Metal Insider crew. Other notable debuts came in for E1's Dirge Within with a good start of 500 albums for their debut release 'Force Fed Lies'. What's in store for metal this week? Noisecreep has the good word on new releases this week.

Dying Fetus -- 'Descend Into Depravity' -- Relapse
Longtime Maryland death metallers Dying Fetus also drop their sixth studio release this week via Relapse. Due to their potent riffs, bottom-heavy groove and the strong political views influencing the lyrical content of their work, the newest from the Fetus will satisfy their throng of fans and as well as attract new audiences to their lair. Be sure to obtain your copy this week.
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Shadows Fall -- 'Retribution' -- Everblack
Buzzed and talked about all the way from the Internet onto national, late-night television, thanks to their performance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' you'd be foolish not to check out the newest release from Massachusetts' very own Shadows Fall. Utilizing the talents of producer Chris 'Zeuss' Harris, the newest release has some darker undertones to it, but it is also far heavier and more intense -- which audiences will be sure to love.
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Kittie -- 'In the Black' -- E1
Men have been the dominant species in the throes of the metal jungle, but who says women can't throw down, too? Such is the case with London, Ontario's Kittie, who are scratching and clawing their way back into our consciousness with their fifth full-length, which comes courtesy of their new label home, E1 Entertainment. The album brings all the metal that any man could muster and more. From amazing tracks on the album, including 'Forgive and Forget' and 'Cut Throat,' this album displays a maturity for the ladies and displays the musical talents of each member without taking away from the group as a whole. It's also the first release to feature the same line up as the album prior. Meow!
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The_Network -- 'Bishop Kent Manning' -- Black Market/Metal Blade
In your face -- or ears, rather -- from start to finish, New England's The_Network have delivered an amazing follow up to their debut release and for once, chaotic and abrasive has never sounded so good. The band is known for participating in off the wall antics during their live performances, leaving audiences to wonder what they're going to do next!! This newest album parallels to their onstage personalities through the delivery of heavy beats and catchy melodies. Metal fans worldwide would be missing out if they did not pick up a copy this week.
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Megadeth -- 'Endgame' -- Roadrunner
Last -- but certainly not least -- is the newest from Megadeth, hitting shelves this week. It is the metal institutions 12th studio release, and their second under Roadrunner Records. In true Megadeth tradition, their sound has never wavered. But the whipsmart, biting lyrical content and the issues leader Dave Mustaine chooses to discuss keep with current times. Long time thrash fans can look forward to lightning fast melodies with heavy drums paving the way song after song. New guitarist Chris Broderick shreds, too!
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