Not one. Not two. But three -- three! -- tours are in the works for 1349. While our count off may have sounded a bit like the Count from 'Sesame Street,' it's a celebratory notion, to think that Norwegian hell raisers 1349 will cover U.S. soil with their black metal maelstrom this year. "There will be at least three of them," drummer Frost, who is admittedly passionate wine connoisseur and avid cross-country skier and revealed that singer Ravn owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle, told Noisecreep. "We will open the touring cycle with a U.S. tour in April and May, supporting Cannibal Corpse." 1349 are actually known to open their shows with displays of fire-breathing, so beware, as these shows could get hot.

The band will also embark on a headlining run in Europe and follow up with headlining dates in North America. "It's gonna be exciting to see how the new material works in a live setting and we will at least put our hearts and souls into the performance," drummer Frost told Noisecreep about the black metal beast of band's plans to support the new album 'Demonoir,' their first for Prosthetic. And don't black metal musicians forego their souls? Just sayin'.

For a complete tour itinerary for 1349, visit the band's official Web site.