Tennessee rock outfit 10 Years continue to reinvent themselves and inspire their growing fanbase. But during their recent headlining show in New York City, Noisecreep was able to speak to frontman Jesse Hasek about his first album with 10 Years, ‘Killing All That Holds You,’ which also happened to be the band’s first major label disc.

We asked Hasek what he remembers about the recording process of ‘Killing All That Holds You’ ten years later. He recalled, "Being very new and young and naïve, frightened and excited, just all of the emotions going into a whole new venture of life makes you feel. I really snuck in the back door of rock and roll."

Hasek goes on to say, “I was an artsy kid that was going to college for art, grew up and sang in the church choir but never thought I’d have the nerves to get up in front of a crowd and do rock music. I skateboarded a lot and had friends who played instruments and they got me in a band.”

He elaborates on just how he became a part of 10 Years. “Long story short, 10 Years was the big local band in town because they always had the work ethic and we kept using their work ethic -- flyering things and bugging people to come see shows," says Hasek. "They finally came and checked out our [band's] show. They pretty much came and stole me because their singer was moving to Hollywood to pursue acting. The band I was in was young and they all had jobs. It wasn’t something that I saw going anywhere.”

Speaking about the sessions for that first disc, the singer adds, “‘Killing All That Holds You’ was my introduction to really trying to do music professionally and apparently it turned out alright. [Laughs] ‘Autumn Effect’ came out in 2005 so I think we recorded ‘Killing All That Holds You’ in two different sessions a few months apart. The label thought we were going to re-record ‘Killing All That Holds You’ and we just did a whole new album and put ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Through the Iris’ on ‘Autumn Effect.’”

Tracks from ‘Killing All That Holds You’ remain favorites for diehard 10 Years fans and the band as a whole have decades of music ahead of them. Check out where you can catch the band on tour here.